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Pakset Plastik Ambalaj / Quality Certificates

• Pakset Plastik Ambalaj Kalıp İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş..; To protect our customers' products and to keep product quality at a high level at all times in the healthy and hygienic abaljs we produce;

• We prioritize customer satisfaction with quality and safety approach,

• We carry a production concept that protects the working life of high quality axis, hygieny based, environmentally friendly and employee,

• We aim to establish a worker-employer-customer-supplier satisfaction chain,

• In parallel with the Quality Management System in our factory, we aim to meet the demands of safe food packaging, which is the main demand of our company producing food packaging with the "Hygiene Based Production and Food Safety" system, which is focused on seriousness and meticulousness.,

• We prioritize communication and training to improve the knowledge and skills of employees and ensure continuous participation and cooperation of all our employees,

• We follow and implement technological developments,

• We undertake legal requirements and regulations, legal regulations, compliance with customer requirements and continuous improvement,

• We use our resources in the most efficient way for our purposes,

• We reduce the amount of our waste, recycle it, or take measures to make it harmless,

• We continuously control all management systems created by process approach, evaluate its effectiveness, and aim to continuously improve,

• We aim to instill the awareness that the satisfaction of all our employees is a profitable investment, not as a cost factor to quality, but as a profitable investment in the satisfaction of our partners and customers.